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The Dylan Joel brand first came about when founder Dylan noticed a severe lack of gender-fluid fashion labels despite the growing demand. Dylan wanted to create clothing that is no longer stuck within the traditional fashion categories of menswear and womenswear, but the “unisex’ collections that had been emerging mostly consisted of basic, uninspired pieces. He saw that it was time to break with tradition, and so in 2018 the Dylan Joel brand was born with the intention of producing clothing without labelling as “male” or “female” and never sacrificing style or imagination. Fashion does not need a gender label
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Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Dylan graduated from London College of Fashion in 2018 with a BA in Fashion Design Womenswear. It was during his time there that he was selected as one of the winners of the H&MxLCF Sustainability project which led to his work being shown in the H&M Oxford Street store. 
Having gained experience working with Coast, Gareth Pugh, and David Koma throughout his studies, Dylan opened his own fashion studio in 2018 and began building his community of customers for made-to-order pieces. This included some celebrity faces, and so, word quickly began to spread of the quality and creative flair brought to each garment produced.
In 2020, Dylan was selected as a "Rising Star" at the Barclays Entrepreneur Awards. Shortly afterwards, the first ready-to-wear collection was launched with huge success. Since then, Dylan has been producing new collections each season along with extravagant commissioned pieces, striving to blur the lines between genders and to be an influential part of the movement away from the traditional menswear and womenswear departments in the high street. Instead, Dylan Joel’s designs focus on style, fit and versatility.
Often inspired by queer and pop culture, the Dylan Joel aesthetic encompasses a wide array of silhouettes, from tailored suits and oversized basics to fitted dresses and chunky, figure-enhancing accessories. The variety of shapes made for a variety of shapes serves to repurpose the so far limited image of the ‘gender fluid’ fashion brands that we have come to expect. Unisex fashion is the next major trend in the industry and the Dylan Joel brand is already a hugely influential part of this movement. 


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